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Melissa and I are two lesbian sex lovers. We had to go to a private party organized by a lesbian girlfriend a few meters away. But, at the last moment, the evening was canceled. As we were bored, we called some friends who told us a very sexy evening not far, in a libertine club that we love. We then got our busty sex doll and went out for the occasion. We love this type of evening because we can find several kinds of practices, sex of all kinds, desires of sex in all corners.

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When you enter this kind of club, you never know if it is a club or a libertine club unless you are already followers of the place and you are a connoisseur. Our first time in this club allowed us to rediscover ourselves. Although we are lesbians, we like to practice sex with men, other women but also transsexuals. Besides, the evening in question was reserved for shemale. In every corner, we could feel this adrenaline, this desire thirsty for sex. We felt these eyes full of sensuality directing us. We did not wait long before we undress little by little by venturing even further. In every room we could see couples spanking, bonding, whipping, fisting, all kinds of practices that we wanted to try. In the end, we arrived in front of a door where we could hear several types of cries mixing joy and pleasure. One imagined to live a good shemale porn.

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When we pushed the door, we saw the ladyboy walking around. Some fucked beautiful guys and young ladies if others were hardly fucked by dildos and cocks of all colors well trained and hard. We were dazzled by this spectacle. All of a sudden, Mel took me by force to install us on a couch, of which at the end we could see a couple of transsexual being fucked doggy if at the other a shemale doing a good fisting at a Bitch well rolled. We got into the partnership. We kissed, we licked then suddenly we were only two. I no longer even knew who owned the cocks that made me double penetration.

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